React, Typescript: Record Type for Objects

Use the Record typescript type to define an object with a dynamic key and value.

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React, Typescript: Record Type for Objects

The Record type in TypeScript is used to define an object with dynamic keys and corresponding values.

In the example below, we have a type called SomeObject, which is a Record type with string keys and number values.

type SomeObject = Record<string, number>

The example above is a simple illustration of how to use the Record type, but it can be applied in various ways.

One of my favorite uses of the Record type is for defining different styles for a component.


type ButtonVariants = "primary" | "secondary" | "tertiary" const Button = ({ variant }: { variant: ButtonVariants }) => { const buttonStyles: Record<ButtonVariants, string> = { primary: "bg-blue-500 text-white", secondary: "bg-gray-500 text-white", tertiary: "bg-green-500 text-white", } return ( <button className={`px-4 py-2 ${buttonStyles[variant]}`}> Click Me </button> ) }

This way, you can define different styles for the various button variants and use the variant prop to apply the correct styles.